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Faisal Name:


Areas of Specialization:

Syed M. Faisal


Bacterial pathogenesis, Molecular immunology, Innate immunity, Host-pathogen interaction, Adjuvants, Antigen delivery systems, Diagnostics


Education and training:

Dr. Syed Faisal did his B.Sc. (Biochem) in 1998, M.Sc. (Biotech) in 2000 and PhD (Biotech) in 2006 from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. He then worked as a Post-doctoral Fellow (Oct. 2005 to Sep 2008) and as a Research Associate (Oct. 2008 to Aug 2013) at College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, USA. He then worked as a Research Scientist (Aug 2013 to March 2014) at Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, USA, before joining NIAB in March 2014.

Research experience and interests:

Dr. Faisal’s research experience spans Immunology of zoonotic infections and development/discovery of adjuvants/antigen delivery systems. His major contribution has been in the development of subunit antigens for the prevention of leptospirosis and live attenuated organisms for the prevention of paratuberculosis. He developed some novel adjuvants based on lipids from non-pathogenic bacteria which have been demonstrated to induce both humeral and cell mediated immunity. His research interests include understanding the host response and molecular pathogenesis of zoonotic/infections for development of novel preventive measures and diagnostic tools. He is also interested in developing novel veterinary adjuvants and drug delivery systems.

Selected awards, honours and fellowships:
  1. International Leptospirosis Society (ILS)- Travel award 2017

  2. Academic Editor, PLOS ONE; Editorial Board member, Scientific Reports, Gut pathogens, Journal of Vaccine Immunology; Reviewer, several journals

  3. Edward Jenner Vaccine Award 2014, ISV, USA

  4. Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship, 2013-2017, DBT, Govt. of India

  5. Maurice R Hillman early stage career investigation award, 2009 (Merck and NFID, USA)

  6. Member, International Society for Vaccines, American Society for Microbiology, International Leptospirosis Society, Federation of Clinical and Immunological Society

Selected publications:

  1. MS Baig, K Muthu, A Roy, U Saqib, A Naim, Faisal SM, Srivastava M, Saluja R. 2017. Heterotrimeric complex of p38 MAPK, PCK, and TIRAP is required for AP1 mediated inflammatory response. International Immunopharmacology 48:211-8

  2. R Bulugonda, K Anil Kumar, D Gangappa, Muralidhara Rao, SM Faisal. 2017. Mangiferin from Pueraria tuberosa reduces inflammation via inactivation of NLRP3 inflammasome. Scientific Reports 7: 42683

  3. SM Faisal, V Verma, S Azam, Mohd Akif, MS Baig, Chang YF. 2016. Leptospira surface protein Lsa21 induce proiflammatory cytokines by Toll like receptor 2 and 4 mediated signalling pathways. Scientific Reports 6: 39530

  4. SM Faisal, J Scaria, YF Chang. 2015. Immunostimulatory fusogenic and conventional liposome adjuvants induce qualitatively and quantitatively distinct innate and adaptive immune responses. Journal of Immune Research 2(2): 1020

  5. Syed M. Faisal, Chen JW, McDonough SP and Yung-Fu Chang. 2013. Evaluation of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis LeuD mutant as vaccine candidate against challenge in caprine model. Clinical Vaccine Immunology 4:572-581

  6. SM Faisal, F Yan, SP McDonough, Y-F Chang. 2013. Evaluation of immune response and protective efficacy of live attenuated Salmonella vaccine expressing antigens of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis against Johne's disease in goat model. PLoS ONE 8(8): e70171

  7. SM Faisal, JW Chen, SP McDonough, Y-F Chang. 2011. Immunostimulatory and antigen delivery properties of liposomes made up of total polar lipids from non-pathogenic bacteria leads to efficient induction of both innate and adaptive immune response. Vaccine (29): 2381-91

  8. SM Faisal, WW Yan, SP McDonough, Y-F Chang. 2009. Leptosome entrapped protective antigens conferred significantly higher level of protection than those delivered in conventional liposomes against hamster leptospirosis. Vaccine 27(47): 6537-45

  9. SM Faisal, WW Yan, SP McDonough, Y-F Chang. 2009. Immune response and prophylactic efficacy of smegmosomes in hamster model of leptospirosis. Vaccine 27(44):6129-36

  10. SM Faisal, WW Yan, SP McDonough, Y-F Chang. 2009. Leptospira immunoglobulin-like protein A variable region (LigAvar) incorporated in Liposomes and PLGA-microspheres produces a robust immune response correlating to protective immunity. Vaccine 27(3):378-87

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Mission: Development of sustainable and  globally competitive livestock industry through innovative technology.

Vision: To demonstrate excellence in promoting and commercializing leads in biotechnology and to produce globally competitive livestock products, pharmaceuticals and biologicals for animal health care.

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